Communications Services

Make your message loud and clear

Communications isn't everyone's strong point. Public speaking can strike fear into the heart of the most steadfast hunter and we understand that most of us would rather spend our hours in the woods than in front of a computer or putting pen to paper.  If you lack experience, ability or even time, we can help your message reach your target audience. Whether it's writing a feature article or opinion editorial, or giving a keynote address to a specific group of wildlife enthusiasts, Ovis Consulting can communicate your message, clearly, concisely and most of all, effectively.

Perhaps you just need someone to refine your words, or polish up an action alert to make it more compelling. Maybe you need someone to take your thoughts and ideas and formulate them into a cohesive article.  Are you looking for someone to speak to your group on a conservation or wildlife related topic? Maybe running a social media account just isn't your thing, or maybe you don't have enough eloquent volunteers to represent your organization/product and staff your booth at a conservation event or convention - we can do that too!

We are both experienced public speakers, from delivering keynote addresses at functions such as the North American Moose Foundation or the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia annual banquets, to guest lectures for University of Idaho students on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, we can develop a presentation to suit your needs.

Some of the many ways we can assist with your communications efforts are:

  • Custom articles, opinion editorials, blogs

  • Letters to the editor, action alerts

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • "Ghost" writing (both for authored works and speeches/presentations)

  • Technical reports

    Grant proposals, funding requests

  • Presentations and speaking engagements

  • Booth staffing

  • Social media administration and content (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • MC'ing a banquet or auction

Please contact us with these or any other communications need you may have, let us show you how we can help.